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Social Media?! In my business? Isn't that just for millenials and hipsters?

No. Well, yes, it is for them. But it's also for YOU. If you aren't utilizing social media in your marketing strategy, you are missing out!

Already using social media, but not sure it's working? I can help maximize your social media marketing efforts! 

Monthly social media management services start at just $200/month. Contact me for more information.

How I can Help

I can help create a beautiful, curated IG feed that will attract your target market and increase your range of influence. 

I have years of experience with Facebook ads and business pages. I can help you use FB to it's maximum potential.

Is your LinkedIn profile bringing your leads? Is it helping you connect to the right individuals in your field? With me as your marketing manager, it will! 

Twitter is a gold mine for small business owners. With the use of relevant Hashtags, twitter can cast a wide net to help catch more potential customers! Let me help you reach as many people as possible!  





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